Parkland, Florida Students

Defend Parkland Students

After Laura Ingraham from Fox news attacked David Hoag for not being accepted by all the colleges he applied to he asked that we contact the advertisers of her show. It is working.

Here are the sponsors in bold that are still advertising with her show. Go to their websites, send email, call, tweet. Put the pressure on.

Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers

1. sleepnumber
2. ATT

3. Nutrish
4. Allstate & @esurance
5. Bayer
6. RocketMortgage Mortgage
7. LibertyMutual
8. Arbys

9. TripAdvisor .
10.Nestle .
11.hulu  .
12. Wayfair

13. Expedia.

You can also contact the companies who have dropped her show and thank them.

Watch MSNBC piece on this issue

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