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Sat.May 19 — Meet and walk for Eleni Kounalakis, Lt. Governor candidate

Image result for eleni kounalakisEleni Kounalakis, Lt. Governor candidate                                 We are privileged to have an amazing candidate for Lt. Governor,  Eleni Kounalakis, coming to meet us and walk Napa!  The Democrats of Napa Valley endorsed her and she would be the FIRST woman to be ELECTED Lt. Governor in California’s 160 years…and only the 2nd woman to serve.  Come and meet Eleni and let’s help get her elected!  Help us deliver her literature to homes in Napa to spread the word.
Eleni has been endorsed by US Senator Kamala Harris who says:

“Ambassador Eleni Kounalakis has dedicated her life to the fight for California values. She is a powerful advocate for immigrants, economic innovation and job creation, and providing all with access to quality and affordable health care. Eleni has the vision and conviction necessary to boldly and wisely lead California into the future. I am proud to support Eleni for Lt. Governor.”

— U.S. Senator Kamala Harris 

Ambassador Kounalakis is the daughter of an immigrant farmworker, has been a Democratic activist most of her life, and was appointed Ambassador to Hungary by President Obama.
Let’s give her a huge showing and turn out Napa supporters in a big way for her!!  Making things happen will give you, and all of us, the adrenaline we all want to make the biggest impact we can for this critical election.  We will be walking the neighborhoods and handing out information from her.
Where: Fuller Park in Napa at the corner of Laurel and Jefferson Streets.
When:  We meet up Saturday, May 19 @ 9:30 am 
Looking forward to seeing you!!

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Measure C protects our local water supplies — our municipal reservoirs and groundwater

The watersheds in the hillsides surrounding the Valley (in the Ag Watershed zone) supply 100% of reservoir water and 60% of the Valley’s groundwater.
Trees in the watershed capture and filter rainwater:
“Oak woodland canopies capture 20-30% more rainfall than do grasslands, and their contribution to organic matter in the soil improves its water holding capacity… soils under oak woodland canopy are able to absorb and hold greater amounts of rainfall than equivalent soils with only annual grassland cover… Oaks and other vegetation also help reduce soil contamination by absorbing heavy metals, fertilizer nutrients, and pesticides from the soil and intercepting sediments containing these pollutants, thereby preventing these materials from reaching surface waters.” — The 2010 Napa County Voluntary Oak Woodland Management Plan:
How much water are we using?
In 2017 residents relied on the reservoirs in our watershed for 65% of the domestic water used by Napa and cities north.  Agriculture used 68% of the groundwater pumped out for vineyard irrigation and winery production.  On average, producing 1 gallon of wine requires 7 gallons of water.
Napa Valley residents and our agriculture depend upon the water captured by oak woodlands in our hillsides. By protecting our woodlands– NOW and for generations to come — Measure C protects both the rights of all homeowners to turn on their tap and have water, and the ability of our hillside watersheds to recharge the groundwater that is critical for Napa Valley’s agriculture.
We are currently in balance with our groundwater use, taking out about the same amount as we use for cities and agriculture, according to a study of well levels from 1988-2015 initiated by the County.  As we take out more for growth, where will the water come from? Currently there is NO STATED LIMIT for how many acres of woodlands can be removed for ag development.
Measure C sets a limit for oak woodland loss to development— the 795-acre limit was determined by the Napa Valley Vintners in collaboration with the Watershed Initiative Committee.  This limit allows for vineyard development predicted by the County’s General Plan.  When the 795 acre limit is reached, a permit from the county is needed to remove oaks, just as a permit from the city is needed now for oak removal in city limits.  Do we want more development by large, non-local corporations such as Walt Ranch, which can have 35 parcels with roads homes and buildings, and was approved by our Supervisors to remove 14,000 oaks?  Measure C is an initiative because the Supervisors aren’t willing to work on protections.
Yes on Measure C relies on volunteer and local citizens, and it’s proof that parts of our democracy still work.  Please share this grassroots effort with your networks, and thank you for your concern and support.

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Welcome Resist & Persist!

Organization Purpose:
We are a grass roots, neighborhood-based resistance group, born out of Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution and taking the steps necessary to achieve positive change following the guidelines offered by

More specifically we are focused on the following issues: bridging the left/right divide; water security; releasing the taxes; environment; the Russia question; California as a role model; and the 2018 election. Our goal is to create a doable plan of action in support of each of these issues, to take action, and to encourage others to do the same through our voices on social media and through personal contact.

You do NOT have to live in St. Helena to join us! We need boots on the ground all over the country to help us carry out the actions described.

Community Served:
Napa County

Facebook: Resist & Persist


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Texting for Beto O’Rourke

Stephanie Wilkinson (Sonoma County) was on a conference call with the O’Rourke campaign last week, and Beto actually did the whole call.  He asked his volunteers to do 3 things:  two of which we here in California can commit to:

  1. For those who were trained to text for him, PLEASE make a commitment to keep texting for him at least once a week up until the election.
  2. if at all possible please donate to his campaign, even if it is only $5.00.  The Republicans will dump LOTS of money into Cruz’s campaign.
  3. Which we cannot do is to knock on doors.

If you are interested in texting for him and have not there are several people that can help with that.


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SIGN UP: Texting for Special Election in PA and AL

May 15th is special election and primary day in PA and AL.

On May 14th we are texting out the vote in Pennsylvania — for Katie Muth, Helen Tai, Clark Mitchell, Carrie Heath, Pam Hacker, Joe Ciresi, Joe Webster, Danielle Friel Otten, and Melissa Shusterman.

And on May 14th for Juanita Healy in Alabama!


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Obama Foundation Hiring Interns – Applications through May 14th

We believe our interns will become some of the world’s most valuable leaders in varying capacities. Our hope is that this internship can provide interns with exposure to diverse models of leadership and practical work experience, especially for those who might not otherwise get them.

The Fall 2018 internship will run for 14 weeks beginning on September 4, 2018 and ending on December 7, 2018. For students on the quarter system, the internship will run from September 17, 2018 to December 21, 2018. Interns will be required to work 40 hours a week in either our Chicago or Washington, D.C. office.

The application opened on April 23, 2018 at 9AM CT and will close on May 14, 2018 at 5PM CT. We will not accept late applications.

If you are a law student interested in an internship in the Office of the General Counsel at the Obama Foundation for the Spring 2019 term, click here.

To ensure you get all the information you need in a timely manner, we encourage you to read our FAQ page before reaching out with questions.

For futher information.

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Dems Volunteer Mtg. May 2 — Observers for Voter Center/Drop Boxes, Walk w/ Eleni for Lt. Gov, and Diane Dillon

Come to our Wednesday night 5:30 pm Volunteer Opportunities Activation meeting at 434 Montgomery Street to find out how to volunteer for:
  1.   Vote Center and Drop Boxes Observers needed for the June Primary in Napa & 4 other counties (training and travel reimbursements available)
  2.   Flipping District 10 (Tracy, CA area) from Red to BLUE!  And, 3 other counties.
  3.   Calling for our Demos of Napa Valley endorsed candidates —  Go Eleni, Malia, Diane!!
  4.   Walk for candidate Supervisor Diane Dillon on May 6 in Calistoga 1pm.     Meet Diane at the Gazebo. 1308 Cedar Street.  She’s running against a Republican — please help us keep Napa BLUE!
  5.   Walk for Eleni Kounalakis, candidate for Lt. Governor on May  19, 9:30 am.  Meet Eleni in Napa @ Fuller Park at the corner of Laurel  & Jefferson.
  6.   Voter Registration in Napa and other counties — Obama deputy campaign manager Steve Hildebrand said, “The way to change  the political process is to change the face of the electorate.”  We can do that here in California this year!   Lots of ways to get involved.

It’s GO time!

If you want to volunteer, come to the meeting or email me at

We need you and all Democrats to get involved and make our Democracy bluer and stronger!

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Get Involved Now – Be Part of the Blue Wave

When you attend a texting session, make phone calls, or send postcards you are part of that 3.5%. Feel the power. So… what are you waiting for? Sign up for an event today. Don’t just read this email and say good for them for doing this? Say good for me for joining them. Never doubt that the work you do makes a difference. 

Texting is the next BIG thing
Here are stats from last week’s Sonoma text bank when one person texted for Stacey Abrams. In 2 hours she contacted 371 voters, had 3 folks offer to be volunteers and 42 voters who were supporting Stacey with only 5 say they weren’t. 6 were wrong numbers or moved. We really are cleaning the list, focusing in on supporters and making a difference. Supporters are important but finding new volunteers is pure gold.  These contact numbers are amazing, join us so we can flip Georgia to blue. We will start texting for CA candidates after the primary in June. Start texting NOW so you will be ready to help flip CA seats.

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Canvassers Needed – Measures C & D

Organized by Napa Vision 2050

As many of you know, there is a great deal of misinformation out there that is objectively false and misleading about both Measure C (water security and watersheds) and Measure D (prohibiting private heliports). We need you to help us get the facts to the voters. We will train you. Canvassing means talking to your neighbors, offering facts. We also need people to help us tabling at local farmers’ markets.

What you can do:

  • Volunteer to canvas. E-mail Iris Barrie to sign up.
  • Write a letter to the editor in support of either or both measures.
  • Ask that our governing officials stand by the truth, not confuse voters with objectively false and misleading statements.

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