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Call CA 49 from Home Starting Today

We are working very closely with CA 49 where Darrell Issa is their current Congressman. You can call from home anytime. Here is what you will need.
    • A computer or tablet that is connected to the Internet
    • A cell phone

I will send you a link to the website, the first time you make calls you will need to create an account, and then log in. From then on you just need to log in.

You will record the results of your calls directly onto the web page using your computer or tablet.
Send me an email if you want the script and the link. whatisworking@gmail.com
If you have never used this system it might be easier to come to a face to face phone bank and get help. We are looking for folks who are willing to host a phone bank in their home in the next few weeks. Send  me an email if you can help.

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